Game: Where is the cat

Game: Where is the cat Purpose of the game: To improve the baby’s cognitive ability and enhance the baby’s ability to remember order.   Game steps: 1. Prepare a cardboard box of about 50 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm. Paste four icons around the box: car, cat, sister, and flower.   2. Let the baby […]


Skin care must know!

TCM treatment of folliculitis Skin care must know! TCM treatment of folliculitis Folliculitis is a complication that invades around the mouth of the hair follicle and expands the upper part of the hair follicle. It is divided into two types: purulent and non-purulent. It is more common in people with low immunity or diabetic patients. […]


Black sesame

Black sesame [Chinese name]SEMEN SESAMI NIGRUM[alias]flax, linseed, giant wins, fat hemp Dry ripe seeds. When the autumn fruits are mature, the plants are plucked, dried, and the seeds are removed to remove impurities and dried.   [Manufacturing method]Remove impurities from black sesame, wash, and dry. Smash when used.   Stir-fry black sesame seeds, take black sesame seeds, […]


Lady I misunderstood you

Lady I misunderstood you There are many ways of health care in traditional Chinese medicine. Attachments can not only be beautiful, but also healthy. Mr. Wang Fengqi, a well-known clinical expert in Chinese medicine and a health care expert in traditional Chinese medicine, introduced us to a little-known method of health care using traditional Chinese […]


Some kind of married woman can easily derail-

Which married women would be easily derailed? After most women get married, they will be busy around their small family without self. Some women, after getting married, can’t stand outside interference and want to derail.   Lonely is a poison and an aphrodisiac. No one listens to the string-a talented woman with many different styles, married […]


How to regulate prostate hyperplasia is better

锘? How to regulate prostate hyperplasia is better The life of male friends after suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia is greatly affected, and some patients directly take drugs or surgery. It turns out that exercise therapy and increasing the amount of exercise in the perineum are also a good way to treat this disease. How […]

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